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My name is Jeffrey de Gans and I am the proud owner and head-engineer of Da Goose Mastering. My studio is located in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, in the Rotterdam area, the Netherlands. This is where I dedicate my life to give your music the final touch it deserves.

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I offer my mastering services to musicians, producers, bands, labels and studios. 

I use only the best analog hardware and digital software to improve the clarity, definition, and depth of your precious recordings.

I also offer stem-mastering, though most of the times stem-mastering is not needed and it will not make your master better. Please contact me first if you think working with stems will be the way to go.

Other services

Besides mastering I can help you with editing, restoration and transfer

If I'm going to master your music, I can give you some feedback on your mixes. And if you are looking for someone serious to do your mixing, I have some awesome mixing-engineers in my direct connections which are pleased to help you!

If you are looking for inspiring lectures or seminars about mastering or audio in general, i’m also here to help you.

“Mastering is the final step before your music is released to the world. I take that very seriously.”


Per track rates for stereo mastering

To make things transparent I’m working with a flat per track rate. 

  Tracks   Price   Tracks   Price
 1 track  € 45  11 tracks  € 415
 2 tracks  € 90  12 tracks  € 450
 3 tracks  € 135  13 tracks  € 485
 4 tracks  € 170  14 tracks  € 520
 5 tracks  € 205  15 tracks  € 555
 6 tracks  € 240  16 tracks  € 590
 7 tracks  € 275  17 tracks  € 625
 8 tracks  € 310  18 tracks  € 660
 9 tracks  € 345  19 tracks  € 695
 10 tracks  € 380  20 tracks  € 730

The masters will be delivered in both 24bit and 16bit including a streaming (STREAM) version which is an optimized master for streaming services. More info can be found here

Albums with more than 20 tracks

If you have an album or more than 20 tracks or other specific wishes, please contact me. I will offer you a fixed price or price quote.

Sameday delivery mastering

The useual turnaround time for a single/EP is 2 to 3 workingdays, but if you are in a rush, it's possible to do Sameday delivery mastering at € 55,- per track. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check if sameday delivery mastering is possible.

Additional masters

  • Alternate radio/instrumental edits  € 15 per version *
  • Additional approved Apple Digital Masters € 10 per track
  • Additional Vinyl masters € 10 per track
  • Delivery as a DDP image (CD) with MD5 checksum € 30

* Alternate versions must be the exact same mix of the original version. Alternate versions have to be delivered at once; otherwise € 25 per extra version will be charged.

Important notice:

  • Revised mixes that require new mastering € 45
  • Modified mixes that use the same settings € 30

Stem Mastering

With stem mastering individual audio tracks (stems) are grouped together for independent control and sound processing. The max amount of stems that I work with is 5.

 Tracks  2 stems  3 stems  4 stems  5 stems
 1 track  € 60  € 70  € 80  € 90
 2 tracks  € 120  € 140  € 160  € 180
 3 tracks  € 180  € 210  € 240  € 270
 4 tracks  € 240  € 280  € 320  € 360
 5 tracks  € 300  € 350  € 400  € 450

Please contact me first before deciding to order stem-mastering. Most of the times stem-mastering is not needed and stereo mastering will work fine.


I prefer the use of the online order system for per track mastering.  

In case of an album or other specific wishes that will not fit the online order system, please provide me with all this information: companyname, contactname, full adress, VAT number and emailadres. You will receive an agreed upon invoice and after the payment is payed in full, I will start mastering.

All prices are excluding 21% Dutch VAT.

Da Goose Mastering’s friendly service has communication as key, so don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions. I look forward to working with you!

Da Goose Mastering is an approved ADM studio

Approved Apple Digital Masters provider

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