Loudness normalization, beating the system

One of the questions that I hear quite often is; How can I make my music to appear louder on streaming services because this and that track sound louder then my track? You will most likely hear or read about two answers, 'you can not make it louder, because it will all be normalized to the same level'...

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Why I don't do attended mastering sessions

I used to do attended mastering since I could remember, but I never really feeled comfortable doing that. I also noticed that with an attended session the end result was pretty much always less then when people did not attend the session. Even before this whole covid19 thing I decided to stop doing...

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Without black people I would not be sitting here and writing this.

Without black people I would not be sitting here and writing this.That first line is right in so many ways, but the thing I want to point out right now and make a statement about is this. Music has always been really important in my life, I’d even like to say, without music no life. Music is even...

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6 april 2020 updates

Support discountThe world is still in 'pause' because of the corona outbreak, but the way things look right now, the social distancing and/or lockdowns are slowely making a positive move, fingers crossed. When this whole thing started, I decided to give a discount on all mastering-jobs untill the...

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Strange times (19 March 2020)

Right now we are facing a world-wide life changing situation. The world has pretty much stopped moving and a lot of people are in panic on what will happen and how this is affecting their lives.As a mastering-engineer I already 'work in quarantaine' all the time, especially since I stopped doing attended...

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Studio entrance reconstruction work (10 March 2020)

On the 16th of March construction-workers will start with some serious construction work to what is the entrance to the studio because we need more space and an actual office and workshop for DuTCH.audio. To give you an idea, Annette is doing the invoicing and administration work from the dinertable...

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