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Studio entrance reconstruction work (10 March 2020)

On the 16th of March construction-workers will start with some serious construction work to what is the entrance to the studio because we need more space and an actual office and workshop for To give you an idea, Annette is doing the invoicing and administration work from the dinertable and the equipment is built in a small corner with no heaters and really bad lighting. The studio itself will be mostly unharmed, though it's already pretty messy with boxes and things all over the place. There will be some changes to the studio itself though, the studio-doors (double door system) will be moved from the side to the exact centre of the backwall. This will also give me the opportunity to do even better acoustical treatment to the backwall then what it is right now since it will be 100% symmetrical. It's all in the details. cool

In practice this means that orders that come in after the 12th of March might take a bit longer then normal, but the studio itself should be fully operational within less the a week. I wlll most likely post some pictures of the construction work on my instagram, so if you want to stay updated, I invite you to follow me.

Meanwhile, stay save and don't let that Corona-virus get you.