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6 april 2020 updates

Support discount
The world is still in 'pause' because of the corona outbreak, but the way things look right now, the social distancing and/or lockdowns are slowely making a positive move, fingers crossed. When this whole thing started, I decided to give a discount on all mastering-jobs untill the beginning of April to support all artists who can not perform right now. Yesterday I decided to extend that period with a 15% discount on all mastering-jobs since artists are still not able to perform and we all don't know when that will be 'back to normal'. I am also surprised about all the mastering-jobs I get in from artists making the best out of it. I already mastered so much great and really touching music in the last couple of weeks, I love that, keep it coming!

In the meantime I personally think that it's a good idea to self-reflect and have a serious look at the world right now. To me this feels like the world is telling us to stop doing what we are doing: 'you are all grounded untill you fix this mess you made'. In the meantime I see so many great initiatives all over the world and it really looks like most people are really looking after eachother now and we also get more creative in every way.

In the meantime there was/is some serious construction-work going on in the studio, office and workshop (and also our privatehouse). So in the beginning of the crisis, things where a bit messy and dusty, but now the studio is fully operational again and better then ever! The construction-workers moved the studio doors (double isolated walls/doors) from the side to the exact centre of the backwalls which means that there is now way more room for extra acoustical treatment in the form of extended and symmetrical basstrapping. The result, a completly new backwall design with over 70cm deep floor to ceiling corner bassstraps and vinyl closets with build in basstraps. The studio-door itself also acts as a stepped fractal diffuser and I tought that the room couldn't sound any better, but I was wrong. cool

As you might know, I'm also doing quite a lot of lectures and since all schools are closed, there needs to be different solution. Like most other schools, SAE and AMP do online lectures and so I will also start with online lectures from next week on. Looking forward to that! 

Stay strong and keep your social distance.



* When you make use of the online order-system, during checkout use the coupon name "support" to get the 15% discount.