Sameday Delivery Mastering

Sameday delivery mastering can only be ordered when my planning allows for it. Always ask me first if it's possible.The maximum amount of tracks for sameday mastering is 3. Amount of tracks (including streaming master)*Digitally delivered masters including a dedicated master for streaming services i ...Read more
78,65 € (65,00 € excl VAT) each
Sameday delivery mastering

Additional masters
16 bit masters
Additional MAX master
Vinyl masters per version
Apple Digital Masters
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Amount of tracks (including streaming master)*

Digitally delivered masters including a dedicated master for streaming services in 16bit and 24bit. Select the amount of tracks you need and click the 'add to cart' button.

* A streaming (STREAM) master is a master optimized for streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music etc. This master will be delivered in 24 it and 16bit.

Additional mixes you want mastered. (radio-edit, instrumental etc). All additional mixes have to be delivered at once, otherwise we will charge 25 euro per extra version.

Additional versions must be the exact same mix of the original version.


Optimized masters for vinyl. Digital masters are NOT suitable for vinyl cuts!

There is a maximum of audio which can be cut to vinyl and even though they are just rough numbers, they will give you some guidelines to keep in mind.

12 inch @ 33RPM: Optimal 16 to 20 minutes, max 25 minutes
12 inch @ 45RPM: Optimal 6 to 12 minutes, max 15 minutes


320kbps MP3's made from the hi-res streaming master with metadata embedded if available.

your preferred loudness for the masters. Keep in mind that louder doesn't mean better. With the loudness normalization on all streaming platforms your track will just be taken down more when it's louder. 
Da Goose Mastering is an approved ADM studio

Approved Apple Digital Masters provider

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